What does chicken pox look like in the very beginning?

Dew drop on rose ptl. The lesion has been poeticly described as a dew drop on a soft rose petal. It is one of the only viral rashes that goes thru several distinct stages in one day:tiny bump, thin walled clear blister(>bb size), cloudy blister, weeping or scabbed lesion. Often coming up around ears & neck it can spred to the body in hrs. It comes up in crops of new lesions over 5+ days. Average ~200/person total.
Red vessicles. Chicken pox will often begin with water filled pink red sacks called vessicles.
Small bumps. Many wide-spreading small bumps on body. The description of the lesions is "vesiculopapular eruptions". At the center of the lesion there is one tiny semi-tranparent blister(called vesicle) seated on a pink-to red raised small papule.