What can I do to grow hair from my bald spot on my head w/o drugs and lotions?

What is the cause. If it is due to a disease like fungus infection , a cyst under etc has to be treated if want hair in that spot. If it is due to male baldness then you buy a wig to cover it.

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What can I do if I have a bald spot? I straighten my bangs only & the rest natural curly. Bald spot is above bangs. What can I do to grow hair there?

Depneds on cause. This can be scarring hair loss, allergic , or hereditary hair loss. Blood tests and a scalp biopsy will aid in diagnosis, and possible lead to treatment which will reborn hair. At least ot can prevent further thinning. See dermatologist for evaluation amd treatment. Read more...

Hi, I have baldness problem and the shape is now like "W". Do you have suggestion to grow my hair in my bald spot. Thank you sir?

Male pattern baldnes. Check out http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/male-pattern-baldness-directory for basic info. Minoxidil & finasteride are approved for treatment of hair loss. Former increases blood flow while latter decreases conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. It's less likely to be due to thyroid condition or stress. Check w/Dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon. Read more...