Why does a bed sore form?

Pressure. Bed sores form in people who do not move from a combination of the weight and decreased circulation to the area. Turning every 2 hours can decrease the risk of forming bed sores. Early bed sores, can be treated with padding, turning and creams. More developed bed sores may require surgery to close them.Prevention is still important after surgery.
Cause Pressure Sore. Pressure causes a bed sore. One unknown is how long does it take a pressure ulcer to develop. There are many risk factors including diabetes mellitus, low blood pressure, moisture from incontinence or perspiration, fungal infection, use of medical devices, etc. We simply do not know for an individual patient whether rotating them every five minutes or every two hours will prevent pressure injury.
Pressure. If you sit too long, you buttocks hurts and causes you to fidget. This is a very important response. The pain signals a lack of oxygen. And fidgeting changes the sitting position and restores blood flow. When someone is incompacitated, or lacks sensation, this protective loop is broken. Without the sensation of ability to fidget, you to sit too long, crushing the soft tissues to death.