Anyone know what is a home remedy for acne?

Plenty. However, none of them work. Acne's a complex interplay of chemicals and bacteria that no home remedy can touch. This is the 21st century and meds such as topical Clindamycin (with a retinoic acid derivative if there are lots of blackheads) should be dirt-cheap. You owe it to yourself / your teenager to use the science that your tax dollars have paid for. Good luck.

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Anyone know what is a great home remedy for acne breakouts?

Diet helps acne. The relationship between certain foods and the production of acne has not been scientifically established yet. However, a diet plan for acne would include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a sufficient intake of clean water. Almost all fruits and vegetables contain a good deal of vital minerals and vitamins. These help in keeping the skin clear as they provide the body with the necessary nut. Read more...