What are the symptoms of phantom limbs?

Nasty. Following an amputation, the brain may still respond as if a limb is still intact, and convey painful uncomfortable sensations as if the loss never occurred. This does require aggressive treatment but likely can be controlled.

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What are typical symptoms of phantom limb?

See below. Phantom limb syndrome is the term for when a person still feels the limb after amputation of that limb. It is thought to be a phenomenon that is generated in the brain by our "map" of that body part that has existed since birth. In most people this phantom fades away with time. In a small number of people, their will be pain in the phantom limb and this is a more difficult situation. Read more...

What are the symptoms involved with a phantom limb?

Sensation. Phantom limb symptoms are that the limb is still there even after an amputation. Phantom pain is pain in the limb even if it is not there. Read more...