How penis make longer?

Stay really healthy. Many pills, creams, and magic potions are advertised to make erections firmer, erections last longer, or a penis bigger, but they do not work (except maybe to give a man extra confidence, which can help a little). One can see a primary care doctor or a urologist if one has trouble with erections (due to blood flow problems, low testosterone, psychological stress, etc...).
Don't buy it! Forget penis exercises, lotions, pills & machines to enlarge your size. They will only serve to empty your wallet.

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Doc, how to make penis bigger longer and thicker? Other said that excercise can make your penis longer and thicker like jelqing? Is there any ways?

See answer . In man's quest for the holy grail and a larger, longer penis (male enhancement), 3 facts have become self-evident: 1) not all men are are created equal; 2) most young men who think that they have small penises are wrong and most of them are actually normal-sized; and 3) despite much hype and advertising, penis pumps, jelqing, exercise programs, stretching and pills will not make your penis bigger! Read more...