Does tea tree oil treat lice?

Tea Tree Oil. Although tea tree oil is generally considered safer than other treatments for head lice, caution should still be employed when using it. While very few people have a sensitivity or allergy specific to tea tree oil, it is not impossible. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately. Usually safe for skin, tea tree oil is toxic when consumed.
No. Tea tree oil may be used an a natural anti fungal and is found in over the counter acne products. There is no report on the use of tea tree oil for lice. There are over the counter treatment for head lice safe for children such as rid.

Related Questions

Can you kill lice eggs with tea tree oil?

Maybe. There are a number of remedies some people swear by to kill lice- these include different types of oils, mayonnaise, butter, etc. However there are no scientific studies supporting these treatments.
Maybe. There are a variety of " home remedies" for lice, including a number of oils, however there are no scientific studies to support them. So you may be able to kill off some of the bugs, but it is essential to kill all of the live lice as well as the eggs in order to prevent a recurrence!

Does putting tea tree oil on the hair help reduce the chances of getting lice?

It might. While it's possible tea tree oil might reduce the chance of getting head lice, I wouldn't expect it to completely prevent getting lice.

Can tea tree oil treat genital warts?

Not reliably. Nobody really knows. Tee tree oil is a common folk remedy but has never been studied scientifically. It's a skin irritant, so it might help. However, attempting treatment risks changing the appearance of the warts, making it more difficult for a doctor to accurately diagnose the problem. You would be much wiser to not treat yourself, see a doctor, then follow her professional advice.