Does vinegar treat a nail fungus?

There are many. Treatments for nail fungus. Not all of them work and some are better than others. I find most topicals in general to not be so effective. My recommendation would be for oral and even laser as the most effective treatments. You won't cause any harm trying the vinegar so feel free to try. I don;t think the success rate will be high.
Not successfully. Almost any treatment you try can be successful occasionally, but in most people, most of the time this will not fight off the fungal infection.
No. Vinegar may lighten a nsil fungus but it is not adequate to treat it. Unfortunately it may require oral medications. Lasers are now being used for nail fungus but is unclear how long the results last.

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Does vinegar help with nail fungus?

Science fiction. Sure, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of vinegar curing nail fungus out there, but it is not evidence-based. Duct tape, listerine and tea tree oil are other "home remedies". See your podiatrist for tried and true cures, whether topical, systemic or laser treatments. Topicals are tedious, but do work with proper use and using an emory board to keep nail thin for medication to penetrate plat.
Maybe. Vinegar is a form of Acetic Acid that soaking 2x per day may help with the nail fungus.

How effective is vinegar and coconut oil for treating toenail fungus?

Usually good. Sorry you might be suffering from tinea pedis or.....Athletes foot. You can try soaking your feet in a vinegar sln (1 cup to 2 quarts water) treat your shoes with lysol spray dry thoroughly between your toes. Be persistent, this is the KEY! If the condition continues ask for a podiatry referral.

What's the best way to treat a nail fungus?

Laser treatment. There are many topical treatments which are virtually ineffective. Oral medications can have serious side effects and have to be monitored with regular blood tests. Find a podiatrist that performs laser surgery as the success rate is very high with no ill-toward side effects.
Tough/long to treat. Toe nail fungus (onychomycosis) is rather difficult to treat and often requires 3-4 months/cycles of medication and may take 6-8 months or longer to get a "new/normal" nail. If only one nail involved, removing the nail maybe a better option. Recurrence is common, unfortunately. Consult your doc for a best treatment option for you. Good luck.
Not guaranteed. The reason you hear so many different treatments for toenail fungus is because there is no perfect, sure-fire treatment that works 100% of the time. I've seen natural oil remedies work, but rarely. You can also try laser therapy, antifungal creams, paints, or even oral medications if your doctor deems you healthy enough to take them.