High blood count, what does that mean?

WBC?RBC? Usually the white blood cells (infection fighters) are elevated as when you have an infection like strep throat or even appendicitis.This may be trivial or very important as in leukemia(white count staying over 20, 000). Elevated rbc is much less often seen.Anyway:get a repeat count and see what is what-don't ignore it.
Many Things... It can mean many things. Depending on how high the count is and which aspect of the blood count is high can mean different things. Most commonly is an elevated red blood cell count which are the blood cells that carry oxygen. This is seen in those individuals with respiratory disease, smokers, chf, and even cancers of the bone marrow. Your doctor can further evaluate this with testing.
Depends. A high white blood cell count is usually a sign of an infection. A high red blood cell count is usually due to asthma or other breathing problems. Occasionally it is due to making too bany red blood cells (polycythemia vera). Get your doctor to go over the results with you.

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My child had a result from his CBC and it showed that he has a high white blood count, what does this mean?

Hard to say... Need to know what the increase is associated with. If lymphs could be a viral infection. If neuts probably an infection or due to heavy smoking. Read more...