How effective can hair transplants be for baldness?

Hair Restoration. Hair transplants can be highly effective, but there are 2 limitations. #1 the amount of hair loss you currently have, and #2 the density of your hair in the donor site (in the back of the scalp). High density and thinning hair are the best combination, but it is worth getting an evaluation from a specialist to help set your expectations.
Hair transplant. A hair transplant is still the only permanent way to get your own growing hair back.
Very effective. Hair transplantation is a very effective method to treat baldness. Over 95% of the grafted hairs survive and grow.
Vary. Transplants are dependent on the size of the area to be treated and the density and quality of the donor area. The artistry of the physician re natural placement makes the difference between a pleasing appearance and a transplant which is obvious and detracts from your appearance.