Often I have blood sugar as high as 989 but I feel fine. This has hapened for 5 yrs. Am I ok?

Get a new glucometer. Osborn, it is hard to imagine you would feel fine if your blood glucose were really 989 and frequently that high. You must have a diabetologist, or endocrinologist and you must speak with your doctor about managing your glucose. You should not have such a high number and clearly need careful management by a specialist.
Not OK. It's never ok to have a blood sugar of 989. It's especially not ok if you "feel fine" at this level because it indicates your body had gotten used to having high blood sugar. You cannot see a 989 on a meter, all it will say is "hi". If this is indeed real, see your doctor to get your regimen readjusted and to come up with "contingency" plans to prevent this from happening again.