I have what my dr has said is stress induced seizures. I feel like im out in spacre and then my head shakes, hands curl and my eyes blink uncontroably. I have agoraphobia and a lot of other problems with anxiety and depression. Can stress cause seizures.

Things to consider: Has the appropriate testing done to confirm the type of seizures you are having. Stress can indirectly affects seizure activity or onset by making you forget to take your medicine, increase your cortisol level which can affect the activity of seizures, cause you to have negative emotions which alters the limbic system in your brain. The limbic system is a common place for seizures to begin.
Seizures? Your description does not sound typical for a seizure although stress can stimulate or worsen seizures in patients with underlying seizure disorder. My suspicion would be that these episodes are atypical panic attacks. I would speak with a mental health specialist and see if they can help you get your agoraphobia/anxiety/depression under control.