I recently got my braces tightened and they hurt really bad and I can't eat because biting down hurts my teeth what can I put on them to help?

Ibuprofen -Tylenol . This is a very normal occurrence. Give it some time and they will feel much better. Until then you can take Ibuprofen and/or tylenol (acetaminophen) for some relief.
Wire poking? In the event that you have a wire or bracket poking, a bit of wax on it can help ease the pain while your body accommodates to the new position of the appliance. In this case, it partly depends on why you are hurting. Is it the general soreness, or are the braces rubbing something?
This works! I had braces placed after i had already become a dentist, so i was in a unique postion to relate.I found the following helpful, but beware, most orthodontists do not like this.Fyi, my orthodontist was in braces along with me and he made this suggestion.Take Ibuprofen before your ortho appointment.Eat crispy or crunchy foods immediately following your visit and then chew gum for the rest of the day. .