Knee scope surgery 2 weeks ago my foot is still swollen. Is this normal? How long does the foot swelling last for? I ice it &take ibpfn thanks

Not uncommon. Elevation is good as well.
Could be. Recommend you follow up to rule out a clot in your vein. Asap.
Could be normal . Because the foot is the lowest part of your body, swelling may persist for weeks after surgery. However, there are a couple of things to be wary of: if there is skin redness, warmth, or tenderness in the area, i would be concerned about infection or a blood clot or both. Elevate the foot as much as you can, especially when you at upright. And make sure you let your surgeon know about the swelling.
Swelling. Taking Ibuprofen helps cover the cardinal signs of infection. Your best course of action is to see your surgeon for an evaluation asap .