Does moisturized skin break out more than dry skin?

Depends. In someone with acne-prone skin heavy moisturizers can add to your acne. Avoid moisturizers with lanolin or petrolatum in the base.
Usually Not. The skin serves as a barrier to the environment. In general, this barrier is most effective when it is well moisturized. However, some lotions contain fragrances and preservatives that can result in allergic reactions.

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Any moisturizer I put on my skin makes it flush and stay red. Even organic natural oils like cocoanut. My dry skin = break outs. Suggestions?

Allergy. you might be allergic to one of the chemicals in the moisturizer--usually its perfumes which are used for scent. But I would suggest seeing your doctor or dermatologist. allergy testing? Read more...

Hello! I have Dry Skin Should I use moisturizer on the areas of the skin which is affected. Or all over the body? Also Do you rub it in or dab it?

All over. You never know which part of the skin will dry up next. Using the cream all over the body should prevent dryness, & should be safe as long as the cream is hypoallergenic, and well-reputed brand. Avoid creams with excess perfumes, colorings, bleaches, "whiteners" or other additives. These can dry out skin & cause more problems in the future. Good luck. Read more...