What are signs of adult a.D.D.? And also ptsd? I was sexually abused as a child. Have issues with memory, easily distracted, depression, stress management/anxiety

You may have both. The sx of adhd and ptsd may overlap. Especially in the details of easy distractabilty and poor memory. You should see a counselor for your ptsd symptoms but you should get some comprehensive psychological testing to determine if you have both or the one diagnosis ater this you may or may not want to add medication to the counseling.
ADD/PTSD. Possible to have both, usually add precedes ptsd which is related to trauma. With add there is inattention, impulsivity & hyperactivity. With ptsd there is intrusive recollections (flashbacks), avoidance & emotional numbing, & hypervigilence.
PTSD. If you did not have symptoms of ADHD as a child and have not experienced a brain injury or infection, it is unlikely you have adult ADHD. PTSD is a more likely diagnosis. You should see a psychiatrist or psychologist for an evaluation and treatment plan which may combine counseling and medication.
Eval. You have already received abundant information about the symptoms of both add & ptsd from other providers. The bottom line is that although panelists can provide you with basic information about these conditions, we can't provide an accurate diagnosis hopefully the distress you are experiencing because of these symptoms will drive you to get professional assessment & appropriate help.
Seek therapy. People with add have trouble concentrating on one thing for a long period of time. They are easily distracted and this can affect memory. Ptsd occurs when someone has had a trauma and continues to have reactions to the trauma, such as easily startled, sad, anxious, distracted, memory problems. So add and ptsd can be related or 2 separate conditions. Symptoms are similar. Seek therapy for help.
PTSD vs ADD. The symptoms off PTSD are often mistaken for ADD due to some symptom overlap. What you describe sounds like PTSD and i would encourage you to seek out a psychologist specializing in trauma. W trauma-focused cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness training, and EMDR past trauma is treatable.