Can food allergies lead to bad acne?

No. Typically food allergies do not cause bad acne. However if you feel there are certain trigger foods that aggravate your acne remove those foods from your diet for at least one week to see if there is any change.

Related Questions

Is my acne caused by a food allergy?

No. It is very well established now that acne is not due to food allergies, but certain bacteria on the skin. There is no need to alter your diet to treat acne. Instead, see a dermatologist for the best advice; this may includes antibiotic creams, other lotions, etc. Enjoy your meals!

Will treating my food allergies fix my acne?

Maybe. Although food allergies are not common cause of acne, occasional people will react to allergies in different ways. Whey, which is found in supplements can lead to breakouts, although this is not an allergy.
No. I agree that acne is a hormonal problem but there are some studies to suggest that certain foods such as chocolate and fattier foods can exacerbate symptoms. However, this is an adverse food reaction that is not immunologically mediated like the food allergy. Proper hygeine and consultation with a dermatologist is recommended.
Very Unlikely. Food allergy really has nothing to do with the cause of acne.

How can I determine if a food allergy is worsening my acne?

Timing. The time between "food allergy" and acne should be within days, no more than weeks.
Not allergy. Food allergy can manifest in multiple ways including skin reactions. However, acne is not a symptom of food allergy. Usual skin reactions to food are hives (urticaria), swelling (angioedema), flare of eczema, and itching. For acne, there are multiple treatments available, but no need to change your diet.

I need help! How do I know if I have food allergy acne/eczema?

Suspect / test. There are a variety of blood tests your physician can obtain on blood that can provide evidence for or against a food allergy. Allergists also employ skin tests which provide a different but helpful set of information.

I heard that vitamin A is good for acne? I had hormone testing, came back normal, changed my diet due to food allergies. Nothing seems to help.

Retinoid. You are likely referring to a derivative of vit A called retinoids which works for many people with acne. Topical or oral vitamin A would not do the job however. See dermatologist.