What are the best solutions for getting rid of acne scars?

Combination therapy. A variety of approaches are necessary to improve not remove acne scars. Specific therapy is dependent on the type of scars and skin type. Potential therapies include subcision, cross tca, medical roll cit, dermabrasion, laser and other treatments, including prp.
Laser resurfacing. Laser resurfacing using a co2 or erbium laser is the best option for improving acne scars. I have also had some success with subcision (going under the skin with a large needle to release the scar tissue), microneedling, fillers and injection of fibrin rich plasma to the area.

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What is the best treatment to get rid of acne scars?

Microdermabrasion. I have had many patients have microdermabrasion which seems to remove the top layers of the skin and it improves the appearance of the acne scars.
Acne Scar Treatment. There are a number of options for acne scars depending on their size, shape, depth, and skin type. Laser resurfacing, usually fractional, may help improve the texture of the skin but may require multiple treatments. If there is deep scarring, the scars can be excised or cut out. Subcision, releasing the scar underneath the skin, along with fillers or fat can also improve the skin texture.

What is the best way of getting rid of acne scars using home remedies?

No good ones. There are not any home remedies for acne scars that are both safe and effective. Even for experts, acne scars are a challenge. Don't try to do this yourself - go see a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

What is the best product for getting rid of acne and acne scars?

Accurate RX. Is probably the single most effective treatment to minimize acne scarring and prevent future outbreaks but it is not without risks and does require superb union by a physician. Discuss your candidacy for this protocol with a dermatologist.

Can you please describe the best ways for getting rid of persistent brown flat acne scars I have for 2 years?

Acne Blemish. The treatment depends on the problem causing the blemish is it a hyperpigmented scar, a depression, an ice pick, a cyst, etc. Depending on the diagnosis treatments include: bleaching agents, peels, dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, skin needling, camouflage, tattoo, excision, grafting, fillers, fat grafting, puch grafting, soft tissue rearrangement, etc.

Is there a face medicine that will get rid of acne while also getting rid of acne scars?

Acne meds. Accutane reduces new acne lesions, and seems to reduce the scars, and the color. Antibiotics reduce new lesions, but not scarring. Topical antibiotics the same. Retina seems to speed the healing of acne lesions, benzoyl peroxide also seems to speed the healing, reduces some new lesions, but not treat the scarring. Some will scar more, others less with similar acne.
NO. Topical and oral acne medications can reduce the severity of or even eliminate acne breakouts. In so doing they can prevent future scar formation but they do not reverse acne scars that already exist.

Acne, and acne scars, is there a homemade solution to getting rid of acne and acne scars?

Time, time & more. Time is your best friend. Avoiding sun exposure and cigarette smoking are great. Onion bulb extract (allium cepa) may help as well as honey for some active infections but these later two are controversial.

How to get rid of acne scars with natural treatment?

Scars. There is unfortunately no great treatment for getting rid of scars naturally, however you can try staying out of sun, and using vitamin e oil or mederma.