Is salicylic acid a good first product to try when treating acne?

Yes. It is well tolerated and can help blackheads and whiteheads. Benzoyl peroxide can be added a different time of day if necessary.

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Is it okay to do a salicylic acid 20% gel peel for acne scars while on 60 mg of accutane?

Accutane. No I would not use a salicyclic acid peel while on accutane. It an only increase the irritation and redness of your face.
Don't recommend. Wait until you are finished with the Accutane before working on your scars. Talk to your dermatologist before you use a drying agent on your face.

I was wondering what's a good acne facial scrub/exfoliator that doesn't contain 'salicylic acid'?

Ideas. Salicylic acid is your best choice for a non-prescription medication if you want it in the form of a wash. Acne treatment is never pleasant or easy, and if you are sure you cannot tolerate salicylic acid, then your options include topical benzoyl peroxide as tolerable and/or a retinoic acid derivative, especially if you have many comedomes. If no success, get with your physician.

What's a good acne facial scrub that doesn't contain 'salicylic acid'?

Try this instead. Use no facial scrub. Use 5% topical benzoyl peroxide and/or retinoic acid. If you're not clear in two weeks, get with your personal physician. None of these are pleasant, but they're your friends until your disease remits on its own.

Will salicylic acid work good for acne scars?

Sal Acid. Salicyclic acid works well to keep acne under control, however, it most likely will not help the appearance of scars. A topical retinoid may help or a bleaching cream may work well. If you have deep pitting from acne, you may want to try microdermabrasions, chemical peels or even laser procedures.

I have pyritasis alba and moderate to sever acne is it ok to use salicylic acid and sulphur topical products?

Need stronger stuff. Bad acne won't respond to salicylic acid, and sulfur isn't really for acne anyway. Get with your personal physician now. You're 19 and starting on your career & maybe even serious dating. Acne like yours is a major liability -- it can cause you to fail a job interview as evidence of poor self-care -- and you're going to need prescription-strength medicine to manage it.

And which products are better for cystic acne all natural or benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid? I'm going in circles searching for the right one!

Cystic Acne. For cystic acne you would need oral antibiotics like prescription solodyn (minocycline) or doryx. Topical prescriptions would be epiduo or ziana or acanya or retin a. If these medications are not effective then there is accutane. 80% of patients that take Accutane never have acne again.