Can you get pregnant only when you ovulate?

A qualified yes. Pregnancy always requires an ovulation. But since sperm can survive up to 6 days when conditions are favorable, you can potentially get pregnant if you have had sex as many as 6 days before you actually ovulate. Even if you know when you ovulate, as many women do, that does not give you sufficient warning to reliably allow you to avoid pregnancy.
No. Well sort of...You have to ovulate to get pregnant but you could have sex 7 days prior and the sperm can live inside you then you could ovulate and the egg could then be fertilized.

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Can you get pregnant only when you are ovulating?

Yes and no. You have to be ovulating in order to get pregnant. But, you can have sex before the day of ovulation that could lead to pregnancy. The best time to conceive is to have intercourse the day of ovulation but sperm can live in good cervical mucus for 3-5 days. So, if you have unprotected intercourse on saturday sperm could survive until ovulation on tuesday. Read more...