36 weeks pregnant with pelvic pain and cramping is it normal?

Many reasons. The pelvic pressure and pain may be due to the increased size of baby and stress on muscles can be the cause. If the pain persists when you lay down, there may be some other reason. Consult with your physician.
Could be labor... Since you are 36 wks which is very close to full-term now and labor can start at any time. If the cramping comes regularly and gets stronger with time, it is labor. Also, if you feel a gush of water coming down/out means your "water broke" and you should call your OB doc and head to the hospital. Consult doc. Congrats on pregnancy and good luck.

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I am 36 weeks pregnet and having menstral cramps and pelvic pain.?

Call your OB. If you're cramping and experiencing pain, you should call your ob. Read more...
Contractions. That type of pain is common by 36 weeks and sounds like contractions. If they are not too painful, and they do not last for several hours they are most likely braxton-hicks. Once they increase in intensity and last more than 2 hours- its time to call your doctor. Read more...