What are the symptoms of graves disease and how do I test for it? Thank you.

Many. Double vision. One or both bulging eyes, blurred vision. Cant close eyes, eye pain, loss of eyebrows, yellowing of skin, red eyes, tearing facial swelling, puffy eyelids. See an endocrinologist first for more extensive testing including antibodies. You should have an ultrasound of the thyroid. 4-6% of graves patients clinically may have neg tests.
Many. Palpitations, tremors, weight (muscle) loss, anxiety, heat intolerance, increased bowel movements, etc. Have your doctor measure TSH and some assessment of thyroid hormones as a free T4 and free T3 (liothyronine) or ft4index and free t3index. These will assess whether you are hyperthyroid. Graves" disease as the cause of the hyperthyroidism can be checked by a tpo or other antibody tests.

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Should a typical blood test for autoimmune diseases detect thyroid graves disease?

Autoimmune Abs. Unless a doctor is specifically looking for antibodies to the thyroid, they will not test for grave's disease. Testing is generally guided by the patient's symptoms and signs. There is no predefined set of antibodies test that can detect all autoimmune diseases. Read more...
Not necessarily. A tsh-receptor antibody would be the more appropriate blood test to test for graves disease. Read more...