I have been operated for cancer colon with diversion illeostomy. I start getting pain on the leftside of my lower abdomen, which gets relief if I take solid food or take less water. I get relief with lot of difficulty. What is the course of action, I shou

Need to find cause. To treat any condition have to find the cause, if recent surgery will take some time for the body to adapt, unusual to have pain, . You need to see your surgeon.
Tell us more? What stage ? Early "1". 2 "still limited: 3 advanced, 4 metsatastic to other organs ? What are ct or pet scans findings? Just simple tumor marker e.g. Cea could be helpful. Abdominal pain could be related to surgery, diet, treatment, medication causing constipation. Know your disease, its extent and stage and treatment. Discuss it with your doctor. Feeel free to ask. There is no stupid question.