Will nipple stimulation induce labor?

Not a good idea. Nature never intended for nipple stimulation to be used for labor induction - only for uterine involution and contraction postpartum during breastfeeding. I am generally uneasy when patients self-medicate especially in pregnancy; that is exactly what you would be doing by stimulating your nipples to induce contractions! if your labor needs to be induced for a valid indication talk to your ob/gyn!
Effective 4 some . Nipple stimulation can be effective for some. It triggers a release of a hormone called oxytocin from the brain. Always get clearance from your doctor first. Gently rubbing, tweaking the nipples over time will lead to some uterine contractions.

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Does nipple stimulation or sex help induce labor? (im 39weeks 5days, babys head is engaged)

Oh, yes! Nipple stimulation can cause an increase in uterine contractions as well as orgasm. By the way, it won't harm the baby at all and may provide an 'express trip down the elevator chute'. Read more...