What is the life expectancy for someone with stage 4 kidney disease?

Possibly many years. Life expectancy depends on the rate of progression (many factors including medical and lifestyle interventions that might slow down the progression) and decisions on whether to pursue renal replacement therapy once reaches end-stage (that decision may depend on overall health, functional status, ability to tolerate various interventions, etc). Overall shorter than the average public lifespans.
Ask your oncologist. This is a complicated question that no doctor can answer with the facts of your case. It depends on your response to your medical treatments.

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Life expectancy for stage 4 kidney disease?

Stage 4 kidney dz. Stage 4 chronic kidney disease ( kidney function of 15-30%) occurs for many reasons. People with stable stage 4 disease can live fairly normal lives. However, if the kidney disease is progressing rapidly, it can be associated with more complications (anemia, bone disease, end stage renal disease with dialysis). It is important to follow closely with a nephrologist. Read more...