I had surgery to have my gall bladder removed because I was having severe stomach aches the aches didn't leave they are now 10 times worse...Why?

Different things. It is possible that the pain was due to something else. I am sure that there was a good indication for cholecystectomy, but it may be that the cause of the pain was unrelated to your gallstones. I would have another talk with the surgeon and see if you guys coukd work together to ferret out the cause of the pain.
Painless gallstones. I assume that your ultrasound showed gall stones without evidence of imflammation of your gall bladder. Sometimes, gall stones cause no symptoms. Removal of your gallbladder did not treat the root cause of your pain. You may more than one cause of pain too. Have you seen a gastroenterologist? If so, get a follow-up appointment or get a second opinion.

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