What is the survival rate of patients with brain stem gliomas?

Poor survival rate. Brainstem gliomas are primary brain tumors that arise from the glial tissue and are usually astrocytomas (grades 1-4). Diagnosis is by mri. Rarely are these biopsied or operated upon because of their critical location in the brainstem. For the highest grade, survival is on the order of months. The lower grade may survive a couple of years. Radiation and chemotherapy do play a role in treatment.
Depends on grade. Grade 1 & 2 tumors are considered benign and long survivals are expected. Grade 3 or anaplastic gliomas are intermediate and grade 4 or glioblastomas tend to have shorter survival periods depending on age, sex, resectability, and presence or absence of seizures..

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How long do most people survive brain stem glioma, before it kills them?

Depends on... In adults, brain stem gliomas have relatively poor prognoses that correlate with histology (when biopsies are performed), location, and extent of tumor. The overall median survival time of patients in studies has been 44 to 74 weeks.
Variable. 'brainstem glioma' as a term covers a variety of very different tumors. The classic pediatric 'brainstem glioma' is a diffuse infiltrating high grade tumor of the pons, and it is usually fatal in less than two years from diagnosis. Some children and some adults have focal brainstem tumors, more commonly of the midbrain or medulla, and these may be surgically removable and have a long survival.

Is a glioblastoma multiforme the same thing as a brain stem glioma?

No GBM. Describes the cellualar and histologic characteristic; the "brain stem" describes a location.
No necessarily. A brain stem glioma refers to a tumor in this region of the brain. This glioma may be low or indolent grade or it may be a glioblastoma multiforme (gbm). These are very difficult to treat because of the location and the infiltrative nature of these tumors.

My wife was diagnosed with brain stem glioma, she's having radio therapy for 20days now still can't move the right arm and leg. Can't walk?

Check it out. Maay be expected based on her tumor location, but I would call ner doc to discuss expected results, from treatment.
Brain stem infarct. Glioma in the brain stem can cause compression, producing focal neurological and motor deficit in the ipsilateral vs. Contralateral side, depending on the level above versus below the the pyramidal decussation in the medulla of the brain stem. Stereotactic radiotherapy or gamma knife can produce radiation necrosis of the neuron causing brain stem infarction in some cases.

I've been diagnosis with a low grade, slow growing, brain stem glioma. About 3 weeks ago my left ear starting cracking and now my jaw hurts. Is it growing?

Doubtful. How advanced is tumor? Have you had any treatment such as radiation to your head? This might cause fluid in the middle ear and crackling, perhaps some pain/pressure. The symptoms sound more like temporomandibular joint pain, which comes from clenching or grinding the teeth. It causes jaw pain, pressure in the ear, sometimes crackling sounds, & ringing in the ear to name a few symptoms. See md.
Impossible to tell. You will have to undergo a repeat MRI to tell, in general your symptoms do not fit with a enlarging brain tumor but I would discuss this with your treating physician who will then determine the need for a scan.