What is the risk of getting colon cancer?

Also. Personal or family history of colorectal cancer or polyps and inflammatory bowel disease, especially ulcerative colitis. Personal history of breast cancer can also increase your risk. Talk to a specialist such as a colorectal surgeon or gastroenterologist.

Related Questions

Can children get colon cancer?

Yes. Usually adult children. The youngest patient I have seen in my practice with a family history of colon cancer, was first diagnosed at age 18.
Very very rare. No one is immune from cancer, very very rarely children also get colon cancer.

When should you get checked for colon cancer?

Q 5yrs. If asymptomatic most people should have colorectal screening every 5 yrs starting at age 40. If symptomatic such as with losing wt., change in bowel habit, developing a new inguinal hernia over age 40 (increased intra abdominal pressure) and evidence of blood in stool one should get checked for colon cancer which is on the increase especially in younger people.

Can you get colon cancer from wall thickening?

Need colonoscopy. I think you mean that if a wall looks thickened on an imaging study it can mean that there is a process going on at that level. Inflamatory or neoplastic. You need a colonoscopy to be certain.
No. Causes of wall thickening are usually inflammation. Still, you should continue to be checked until the thickening disappears.

Are some people more likely to get colon cancer?

Yes. There are certain genetic abnormalities that make the development of colon cancer more likely.
Yes. Personal hx colon cancer or polyps or breast cancer, family history of colon/rectal cancer or polyps, inflammatory bowel disease and age over 50 are all factors that increase one's risk for development of colon cancer. If in doubt, check it out!

Do 13 year olds get colon cancer? If yes, how often?

Extremely rare. But possible 0.1 % colon cancer occurs in twenties, mostly due to genetic predisposition, 13 yr even rare Age is no exception for cancer.

Please help! What is the youngest age to get colon cancer?

With some genetic. Disorders it can occur at very young ages, as young as 20. Hnpcc and lynch syndrome are associated with these early age colon cancers.

Do you get any symptoms of colon cancer before it's too late?

Some times. Change in bowel habits with a cancer in the left side colon may be an early symptom, others such as anemia, intestinal obstruction, weight loss usually occur late. Screening colonoscopy and fecal ocult blood testing help in early diagnosis.
Yes, sometimes. Symptoms include bleeding, change in bowel habits, unexplained weight loss. However, colon cancer can occur without symptoms. That s why sceening colonoscopy in asymptomatic patients is warranted.