Which is worse, a higher A1c or low blood sugars? As a 30-year type-i diabetic my goal has always been an hgb A1c lower than 7.0. However I find that when I have good a1cs in the 6's my blood sugars run lower; less than 60, 5-10 times a week. I've neve

Balance. You are very young so it's best to be at goal with a1c <7%. In general, low blood sugar is what we fear of the most. In your case, you should see your doctor to get your regimen readjusted. It is very possible to have an a1c of < 7% without getting low bs "less than 60, 5-10 times/week". If this is happening, then something is off with your regimen and need readjustment.
Better high than low. Neither is good but too low can lead to shock and coma. Your physician and endocrinologist need to regulate you to keep you at correct level.