What is the rate of survival for rectal cancer?

Hard to be. Specific, and the answer excellent with treatment is likley not what you are looking for. Where it is towards bottom or higher influences procedure, penetration into wall, and involved nodes or not need to know to give more specific. I'd expect cure most of the time.
Depends on staging. Median survival of about 27-30 months in metastatic disease who response to proper treatment.

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What is the survival rate stage 2a rectal cancer?

See below. About 67% of stage 2a rectal cancer patients survive five or more years. See this site for more info. Http://www. Cancer. Org/cancer/colonandrectumcancer/detailedguide/colorectal-cancer-survival-rates.

Stage 4 rectal cancer two spots in lung and one on ovary. What is survival rate, someone answer me honestly! Stop beating around the bush.?

Rectal cancer. There are many factors to consider to determine the prognosis of stage IV rectal cancer. The age at diagnosis, sex, race, grade of the tumor, known metastasis, and what form of surgery or other treatment has already been done all affect what the long-term prognosis is. Your best bet is to discuss your particular situation with your oncologist, who can give you the best advice. Good luck.

Just been told rectal cancer stage 4 spot on ovary and two in lung. What is survival rate, please be honest with me, have a child and need to prepare?

Wish you wellness. And to get over it soon, hard to give you an estimate with limited information on this limited platform, staging of your disease would be performed by the treating team, mainly the oncologist, the radiotherapist and possibly the surgeon, is it an end-stage disease, don't think so, several treatment protocols are available, and major strides have been reached in treatment of cancer, all the best.

Stage 4 rectal cancer two spots in lung and one on ovary doc wants to do chemo why when I read survival rate is very low for stage 4 that has spread.

Quality of life. If what you are describing is the case, then you cannot expect a cure, but chemo may give you an extra year or two of reasonably good health. Is there something you want to do? If not, I'd be surprised and frankly disappointed. A frank discussion is in order with your physicians and those who love you. Then whatever decision you make will be the right one.

What are the chances of survival for a person who is suffering rectal cancer?

Depends on Stage. The staging of rectal cancer is based on ct scanning, endorectal ultrasound, and preop lab testing. Sometimes the staging is determined after surgery depending on your presentation. Stage I is the best survival and stage IV is the worst. Stage ii and stage iii cancers often require chemotherapy to improve survival.
Depends upon stage. The cure rate for early stage rectal cancers is over 90% with surgery alone, but the survival rate for advanced rectal cancers is much, much lower.