What is the rate of survival for esophageal cancer?

Stage specific. Early stage tumors portend better survival.
Depends stage. There are statistical based survival estimates by stage. Each patient is an individual. It is most critical to speak with your thoracic surgical oncology team. They will develop multi-disciplan approach and treatment plan and have a more personalized/individualized determination of reasonable prognosis. http://goo.gl/6phtu.
Depends on stage . Median survival 9-10 months. 3 year survival about 25%.

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What factors can influence the survival rate with esophageal cancer?  

Quite a few. Survival depends on the cancer stage (early vs. Local spread vs. Distant spread). It also improves if the cancer can be surgically resected or not. Patient factors such as general health, ongoing drinking or smoking, weight loss are also important. Post-treatment factors such as diet, exercise, lifestyle changes are also important. Read more...
Stage & response. Survival rate affected by stage of esophageal cancer and response to treatment (and tolerance of patient to treatment) ... Read more...