What is the rate of survival for carcinoid syndrome?

Years. It is almost always in years, depending on the extent of disease. It is a wide range, anywhere from a year and a half to 12-15 years.
Depends. Carcinoid syndrome can range from manageble with somatostatin receptor targeting medication to unmanageble and leading to consequences like malnutrition, cardiac valvular disease, or issues with blood pressure disregulation. If a patient is manifesting carcinoid syndrome symptoms, a better understanding of the extent of disease and treatment options is important.

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What is the survival rate for carcinoid syndrome?

Depends on stage. Carcinoid syndrome is different than having a carcinoid tumor. The syndrome is caused by the tumor secreting a hormone (serotonin) which can cause flushing, heart palptitations, and diarrhea. Can get carcinoid tumors in the tracheobronchial tree and gastrointestinal ttact. Survival depends on whether the tumor can be removed, and whether it has read to other organs.

What's the survival rate for someone with carcinoid syndrome?

Depends. There are different grades of carcinoid. It also depends on the stage. However, most carcinoids are low grade and people can do well for several years even before starting therapy.
Quite long usually. Of all the variants of neuroendocrine cancer, carcinoid is usually very slow growing and we measure life expectancy in years to decades of life. This does not however mean that they do not produce quality of life limiting symptoms for patients with carcinoid syndrome. The syndrome can lead to malabsorption and its associated nutritional consequences as well as valvular disease of the heart.