The result of my chest xray shows a suspicious nodular density overlying the left first anterior rib. Another nodular opacity is seen overlying the left 9th posterior rib is this means that my breast cancer already metastisis in my lungs? Do I have to und

Advice. It sounds like you have a complex medical history and a potentially complicated situation. The best advise i can give is to ask the doctor who ordered the x-ray to explain it to you and refer you to the appropriate caregiver. I wish you well.
Talk 2 UR ONCOLOGIST. Findings on chest x-rays may be "suspicious", but rarely "diagnostic". Important considerations include comparison to prior chest x-ray and your clinical history. I anticipate that you will need a ct of the chest for more definitive evaluation. While it is normal human nature to assume the worst, try not to get too far ahead of yourself. Good luck-i hope it's a false alarm.
Check with doctor. There is a possibility and this should be properly evaluated if you have an oncologist go to him or her they may do a pet scan or direct biopsy.
CT scan/Pulmonologis. Lung nodules have multiple etiologies, most dreaded one being lung cancer or metastatic cancer from another organ of body. There are multiple factors that are taken into account including but not limited to is size and number of lesions, smooth or stellate lesion, calcification, location and other significant history e.G weight loss, appetite/energy, you need further evaluation with ct.