Rash that's itchy after being in sun bumps r itchy some look like blood blisters?

Sunburn or reaction. Photosensitivity and photoreactions can occurs following sun exposure, particularly on certain medications (antibiotics being common). Sunburn can look this way as well. If you are sensitive to the sun in this way, be cautious and use spf. Look at any medications you are taking to see if they predispose you so sun sensitivity. Some autoimmune conditions can have rash after sun exposure too.

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My whole body is itchy but I get a small bumpy rash lower back inner right arm in between boobs. They are kinda like blood blisters. Please help.

Topical HC cream. There many potential answers but if you had this for more than a week, you should consult a dermatologist. In the meanwhile try otc Hydrocortisone cream to see if this helps. This is the time of the year people tend to itch more from dry skin. Start applying a skin moisturizer immediately after bathing and see if this reduces the itch. Read more...