What does high neutrophils and low lymphocytes in a patient with gastroenteritis and pancreatitis indicate? Could this be a result of an autoimmune condition? On another occasion in the same patient, what about normal neutrophils but low lymphocytes prese

Neutrophils. Both conditions are acute inflammatory conditions and would cause this picture- high neutrophils and low lymphocytes. This is what is known as a left shift and is commonly seen. Although an autoimmune process may be an underlying cause this specific WBC reaction is not an indication of autoimmunity.
See below. Elevated neutrophils and a low lymphocyte count is also called a "shift to the left." it could be caused by infection and also steroids. Autoimmune conditions should not be the cause. Regarding the same patient and low lymphocytes with a normal neutrophil count i would wonder about their immunoglobulin levels to see if they have an immune deficiency.