How long does it take for a fracture foot to heal?

On average 6-8 weeks. Bone healing usually takes 6-8 weeks depending on the type of fracture. Each person has a different healing potential depending on age and overall health.
Depends. Which bone? On average 6-8 weeks for most normal fractures. Some fractures take closer to 3 months to completely heal. Some are notorious for not healing. Follow mds orders closely. Calcium supplements up to 2 grams daily. Limit walking to allow your body to heal.
4 to 6 weeks. A fracture takes two weeks to form a callus which is a blood clot connecting the two pieces of broken bones. The body then calcifies and remodels this to heal the bone. This process takes about a month.
About 6 weeks. For an uncomplicated non-displaced fracture to heal if immobilized properly. Certain fractures created by surgical procedures such as fusions will take longer. Even after bone heals, joint stiffness, soft tissue healing may still need to be addressed.
Bones usually. Take 6-8 weeks to heal, however, there are variables. I.E smoking or vit d deficiency can prolong bone healing...Depends if the bones are displaced or if the fracture is in 2 pieces or multiple pieces etc.....
It depends. Most fractures take 6 -8 weeks to heal if treated properly. However, sometimes complications arise and it could take longer. If it is displaced, it will take much longer. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, impede the healing time. See a podiatrist about this.

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