What is the difference between carcinoma and sarcoma?

Cell of origin. Both are malignancies. Carcinoma arises from the lining tissues- both on the outside (e.g. Skin) and inside(intestine). Sarcomas from the mesenchyme- the tissues inside the lining.
One in the same. Carcinoma is a general term for cancer. Sarcoma is a type of carcinoma that develops from connective tissue.
Cancer types. There are many different types of cancers that can develop from different organs. Some of the general categories are carcinomas ;#40;cancers of epithelial organs like colon, breast etc;#41;, sarcomas ;#40;cancers of connective tissue like bone, muscle;#41;, leukemia / lymphoma ;#40;cancers of blood and lymph nodes;#41; and others.