What is the difference between a hernia and testicle cancer?

Different Exam. An inguinal hernia is a hole in the groin muscles thru which a sac may protrude through, occasionally extending into the scrotal sac, next to the testicle. A testicular cancer presents as a growth within the testicle. These two abnormalities can be easily differentiated from one another by a careful physician examination.
Pathology. Hernia is benign happened secondary to abdominal muscle weakness while testicular cancer is malignant growth.

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Does trauma to the testicles causing hernia, and surgical removal, always leave behind a hematocele resembling testicular cancer that lasts many years?

Testes Trauma. Not at all. The hematocoele is a collection of blood which will eventually be re absorbed. In the meantime, it presents as a firm mass that mimics a tumor. It should shrink and go away; if not follow up with your doctor.
No, and no. Testicular trauma does not cause a hernia. While it is possible to have bleeding postoperatively that results in a hematocele thatch last for years, this does not happen in every case, nor does it mean the case was botched. It is most likely an unavoidable side effect if the operation.

In testicular cancer, how often is there not a palpable mass ON the testicle and the cancer is INSIDE the testicle. Difference between ON and IN common?

Not meaningful diff. This may be a semantic distinction more than a biological one. The cancer arises within the testicle, but may extend to the surface of that organ and bulge away from its surface. Thus, the tumor may FEEL to be on the testicle even though it has arisen from within it. Not all testicular cancer extends to the surface of the testicle. Palpation is clearly inferior to ultrasound examination here.

Does teasing and denial increase the risk of testicle cancer?

No. Some couples like this. This actually causes the prostate and seminal vesicles to fill tremendously, giving some men more enjoyment when ejaculation finally takes place. The testes are unaffected. No one's shown any clearly increased risk in prostate cancer from abstinence, though the jury's still out on it being a risk for benign enlargement later. Seminal vesicle cancer almost never happens.

What can be learned during pathological staging of testicle cancer?

How far it got. This site is good http://www. Cancer. Gov/cancertopics/pdq/treatment/testicular/Patient/page2.

What do blood tests show about testicle cancer?

Testicular cancer. Certain testicular tumor release harmone like b-hcg or alph fetoprotein that can be detected by blood work.
Testis cancer. May produce human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) or alpha-feto-protein, depending on the cellualr composition of the tumor. These markers are useful at determining whether one is cancer free or if teh tumor begin to recyr.
Tumor markers. There are multiple important tumor markers for testicular cancer. The two well known markers are bhcg and afp. The other two important ones are ldh for seminomas and neuron enolase for immature teratomas.