What is small antero septal ischemia vs. Attenutaion? Does it mean a heart attack? What is a left ventricle hypertrophy?

Many questions. Check with your doc asap ischemia means clogged arteries. Heart attack means closed arteries! lvh usually means high blood pressure for many years. Check with your doc asap.
Lvh. Sounds like you had a nuclear stress with a small anterior perfusion defect )not uncommon especially in people with more breast tissue). Cardiologist should clarify whenever possible & many newer nuke cameras are capable of attenuation correction which aids in caricaturing. Image interpretation is highly subjective. Lvh is hypertrophy of the left ventricle. Seek further evaluation antreatment.

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I was diagnosed with a small PFO and atrial septal aneurysm. My heart is racing and palpitating since. Could I have a stroke or heart attack? Scared!!

With a PFO and. atrial aneurysm there is the potential for a paradoxical stroke or heart attack but the odds are extremely small. You've had this your whole life and made it 28 years without issue so it is unlikely to occur immediately upon diagnosis. Your health care providers will manage this appropriately and in a timely fashion. Read more...

Doc my uncle had a minor heart attack, his left vetricle is pumping 50% blood out only. He has developed hiccups for past 8days. Is it related to it.?

Maybe. I am assuming that 50% is the ejection fraction which is pretty good actually. With regards to hiccups the can be do to either inflammation. Of pericardium (heart sack) as it lays on diaphragm (muscle that makes us breathe). Or form an enlarged stomach from air swallowing or slow gut motion from medications and stress. I hope he does well. Read more...