If my mother had ovarian cancer when she conceived me is there a chance she could of passed on to me without doctors being able to diagnose me?

NO. But you may have slightly higher incidence compared to normal population, some rare ovarian cancers are genetically inherited you need to see your gyn doctor regularly.

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I already had my period this month I'm not totally sure when I think it was on the 5th & now I have it again & I don't have a doctor or insurance an my mother died when I was 12 from ovarian cancer so I'm not sure what to do please help?

If young & healthy.. Many women have occasional variation of their mucus discharge, some spotting between periods, a heavier period, a lighter period, a longer or shorter period, or even a missed period. Having one or two of these symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean there is a medical problem, but a visit to one’s primary care or Ob-Gyn doctor is a good idea if symptoms are persistent, recurring, or worrisome. Read more...