Why is my white blood cell count always high my dr said some peoples are just high? Mine have been for a year

Doc may be right... Many people run a chronically mildly elevated WBC that remains normal for them. But the operative words here are that it is mild (normal is 4-10, 000) such as 11 or 12, 000; that it is repetitive and does not keep rising; and that there is a full evaluation of the type of WBC present. I would recommend a hematology consultation before presuming this is normal.
Can follow-up tests. "high white blood cell counts" mean different things to different people. The doctor with knowledge of the normal values of his local lab and the normal values of his patient population, can judge the difference between a little bit high but still normal, versus unusually high and worrisome. If worried, a person can see another doctor for a second opinion.