My mom is now in afib again. Doctors want to do a cardiac conversion tomorrow shock her I guess. Now remember she has copd, CHF and is a diabetic with fluids around lungs and organs. How serious is this procedure? Should I be present for the conversion? I

Cardioversion safe. A cardioversion is a procedure used to restore sinus rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation. It is usually a safe procedure performed with minimal anesthesia, usually versed or propofol. The key important thing is that she has been on blood thinners for an appropriate period of time to prevent a stroke. Sometimes antiarrhythmic medication is administered afterwards to maintain sinus rhythm.
Cardioversion safe. The procedure called cardioversion is safe and may actually really help her current condition. Usually an anesthesiologist is present to provide sedation and comfort. When the heart can be in a regular rhythm it performs more efficiently and some of her CHF can improve.
Relatively safe. Intractable a. Fib are treated with cardioversion. It is relatively safe. They usually give a sedative to make them comfortable.

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