What is a desmoid tumor?

Soft tissue tumor. A desmoid is a rare soft-tissue tumor that looks like scar tissue. Desmoids do not spread throughout the body like other types of tumor, and aren't really considered "cancerous". They are lumps that continue to grow in one place, destroying the tissue around them. They can occur inside or outside the body. Go to www.Dtrf.Org for more information.
It is considered a . Benign tumor. It is in the soft part sarcoma spectrum. It has estrogen receptors commonly, and indeed occurs in abdominal wall muscles in young women. Despite not metastasizing and with few dividing mitotic figures, choice between resection and radiotherapy may be by what is least morbid. See experienced people, get second opinions.

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What do doctors not know about desmoid tumors?

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Behavior/testing. There are a variety of tumors under this umbrella name. Some of them occur in young while others in older age groups. Some are frankly cancerous, others not. We are still learning better ways to diagnose, predict behavior and find better ways to treat some of the more aggressive ones and ones that occur in uncommon areas like the brain. Read more...