What is a thyroid adenoma?

A benign tumor. Adeno- is a medical prefix indicating glandular tissue. A benign tumor arising within a gland is called an adenoma; a malignant, or cancerous, tumor would be an adenocarcinoma. So a thyroid adenoma would be a benign tumor arising in the thyroid gland. Even though it's considered benign, it can cause problems by making it hard to swallow, or making too much thyroid hormone.

Related Questions

What is thyroid adenoma? Will it cause weird stuff to happen to me?

Depends. Thyroid adenoma is a growth on your thyroid. 95% of these growth are benign (not cancerous) and if it's small (< 1 cm), it typically will not cause any problem. If you have a thyroid adenoma, you should get your thyroid blood test done to make sure the thyroid is still functioning normally. A biopsy can also be done to rule out cancer process in the growth.
Yes or no. An adenoma can be either functional or nonfunctional. If it is nonfunctional then it is unlikely to cause you any problems. An exception would be if it was extremely large. A functional adenoma could produce high levels of hormone and make you have hyperthyroidism with symptoms of sweats, diarrhea, palpitations, and tremor.

Are there any herbal treatments for toxic thyroid adenoma?

Need medicine. No herbal treatments will help. Methimazole is the drug that will lower thyroid hormone production. You should consider more permanent treatment, such as radioactive iodine or surgery, depending on your situation. See your endocrinologist.

My salivary scan found Sjogren's & a right thyroid adenoma. My TSH is 0.6. Ultrasound referral. Is this adenoma most likely benign and insignificant?

Need more info. The thyroid nodule could be from numerous causes. The ultrasound is very appropriate as would blood tests involving thyroid hormone production. Occasionally, the nodule may even need a biopsy.