What happens to untreated testicle cancer?

Progression. Untreated testicular cancer can eventually spread regionally or advance to distant metastasis if not treated appropriately in time.
Testicular cancer. Potentially curable. If left untreated can metastasize to locally in lymph nodes or distantly to other organs specially lungs.

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How can I tell if I have testicle cancer?

See your doctor. While there is usually a mass or swelling of the affected testis, there are some tumors that produce metastases with little physical change in the testis. Please consult your doctor to see if lab tests may be warranted.
You can self. Exam: testes are ovular spheres, there is a slightly lumpy tail called the epidydymus in the back of each. If your worry, go to gp/urgent care (not er) for pro exam. They may w/u with u/s and blood if they are suspicious. Only bx proves dx.
By feel. Assuming you don't have an undescended one. Get familiar with the normal contents of your scrotum. An enlarged testis or one with a rough bump should prompt a physician's office visit. Other changes, specifically if your not a new teen and are getting breast tissue, may prompt an ultrasound search. Diagnosis made by biopsy (bx), very treatable if caught in time, 1 works as well as 2.
Self palpation. You can feel most testis cancers as a hard lump or nodule on the test is, or diffuse enlargement of the testis itself. Go and see a urologist asap if if you have either of the above. A scrotal ultrasound will then be performed and blood drawn for tumor markers. Surgery indicated asap if ultrasound positive, usually before results of tumor markers. They would be baseline for later comparison.
Self exam and doctor. Testicular cancer is a form of cancer that affects men mostly between 18 and 55. It would feel as a distinct palpable nodule within the testicle itself and this can be confirmed by ultrasound. There are some blood tests that can aid in the diagnosis. If suspicious or concerned get examined right away.

What can you expect from testicle cancer?

It depends. In general, testicular cancer is a treatable/curable disease. Your expectation should be based on the tumor type and stage of disease.

Can testicle cancer spread by un protected sex?

No risk. Testicular cancer is not infectious for other persons, by sex or any other kind of contact. Although some genital cancers are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which is sexually transmitted, testicular cancer is not due to HPV or any other known virus.

How do I know if I have testicle cancer or something else?

See a doctor. Do regular testicular self exams and see your doctor if you find something abnormal. Of course, guys our age should get a routine yearly physical anyways.
Testicle Cancer? Men who notice lumps, swelling, or pain in their groin or scrotum may worry they have testicular cancer. Here we describe the symptoms of testicular cancer and some other problems that could cause symptoms in this part of the body. We also include information on how to do a testicular self-exam for men who want to do so. Http://www. Cancer. Org/cancer/testicularcancer/do-i-have-testicular-cancer.