What happens during a mammogram and is it painful?

Bearable. A screening mammogram is a process that takes <15 minutes. Your breast is compressed and flattened. 1 image is taken. Then your breast is repositioned and another image is taken. This whole process is repeated for the other breast. The compression is what makes the mammogram uncomfortable. However it is bearable. Try to have it done when your breasts are not sore.
Mammogram. It is imaging study of breast tissue. It can be painful.
Mammo. The tech will ask you to stand facing the mammo machine, and place one breast at a time on a flat surface. A flat compression paddle will gently be lowered to compress your breast. Compression spreads out the breast tissue and eliminates motion. The compression may be uncomfortable, but shouldn't hurt. Compression usually lasts no more than a few seconds. 2 views of each breast are obtained.