Is it generally safe to take dhea. I bought them as I had low energy level and fatigue associated with anxiety. Is it a safe supplement?

Nope. Dhea is converted to cortisone, testosterone and estrogen - and you have not control as to which or how much. Also, most of the dhea supplements don't have much dhea in them, and who know what else is in there. You don't even know why you're taking them or how to measure your response. Is it worth playing russian roulette with your health. Don't get medical info from tv, friends and the internet.
Not necessarily. Dhea is an adrenal androgen. If you are female it could cause virilization: chest/face hair, acne, irregular periods, etc. Otherwise, your adrenal gland makes as much as you need whether you're male or female. Of greater concern is whether you might be masking some other problem which isn't being addressed. Please see your doctor before taking dhea.