How long will a sebaceous cyst heal?

After surgery. . 2 weeks on body or scalp. 1 week on face. Also size dependent.
Depends. Abx will NOT cure a sebaceous cyst. They can help clear the infection and surrounding cellulitis that can occur when the cyst becomes infected. .... but not the cyst itself. The cyst needs to be removed if bothering you. If not bothering you can be safely watched. .
2 to 4 wks after I/d. It take approx 2 to 4 wks for sebaceous cyst to heal depending on underlying illness like diabetes cancer etc.

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How long a sebaceous cyst wound will heal? (cyst location : tailbone area) I've been undergoing daily dressing

Weeks. Sounds like you had a pilonidal cyst, which is a reoccurring infection/abscess over the tailbone. These take a long time to heal. Did you have surgery for excision of the cyst or was it just drained? If just drained you will need surgery to remove the cyst, otherwise it almost always comes back. Healing is delayed in this area and will take weeks, sometimes months, mainly because of sitting on it. Read more...