What can you expect in an ultrasound for ovarian cysts?

Answers. When an a woman presents with pelvic pain or a pelvic mass, the doctor may suspect an ovarian cyst. Usually a pelvic ultrasound will be ordered. At the time of the ultrasound, warm gel is placed on the lower abdomen while the tech observes the screen. Vaginal ultrasound is often done too for a better view of the ovaries.
See below. A pelvic ultrasound for ovarian cysts typicall has two component. One is transabdominal where the transducer is placed over the abdomen & scan the uterus & ovaries over a full urinary bladder. The other is transvaginal where an us probe is inserted into the vagina to scan have a close up view of the uterus and ovaries.

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What can I expect during an ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts?

It should be painles. Sometimes the study is performed wtih abdominal probe in which case a full bladder is necessary to visualize pelvic organs well. Many times, vaginal probe examination is also performed because this produces superb images as the probe can get very close to the organs being examined. You will need to empty your bladder for this part of the exam. Sometimes, 3d images of the ovary may be helpful. Read more...

Does ultrasound tests for ovarian cysts?

An U/S of anything. Shows size, shape, and consistency of the tissue, or inconsistencies that are fluid filled (cysts) or solid filled or at least not filled with water density...This can be menstrual cycle dependent as well, and ovaries are on both sides, with the tubes are called adnexa. Fluid in the abdomen acan also be seen. None of this provides a diagnosis: need cells or tissue. Read more...