What are the stages of esophageal cancer?

IV. There are 4 stages for esophageal cancer, with a and b substages. We use roman numerals. For stages i - iia, the treatment is the physically fit patient is surgery or esophagectomy. For stages iib and iii the treatment is chemotherapy and radiotherapy, followed by surgery, or in patients who do not want surgery, chemoradiotherapy alone. For stage IV treatment is chemotherapy +/- radiation.
I-IV. Staging is complicated, but the simplified version looks like this: i-tumor not invading into muscle of the esophagus ii- deeper invasion of tumor into muscle iii-positive lymph nodes near the tumor or tumor invading all the way through the esophagus iv-distant spread of the tumor.
Stages 1-4. There are 4 stages in solid cancer in general- from stage 1- thea earliest stage to stage iv-where the cancer has spread to distant organs. Please open this website for further information: http://www.Cancer.Net/cancer-types/esophageal-cancer/staging.